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A VERY WARM WELCOME to our site!

Adrian Atkins' return after successful surgery for his back has prompted quite a shake-up in our school's plans for the rest of this year. It is typical of Adrian that his specialised study and research hardly stopped during this difficult time. In such a new profession, the quality of his input is something for which communities round the globe will be thankful one day, for in such a troubled world it's quality that counts. Nothing less than the best is good enough for all our children.


Adrian is keen that we carry out our late Examiner's wish for more courses encouraging groupwork, and has generously made some of his excellent ideas available for an entirely new follow-on option, 'Making Dances for Children in Difficult Circumstances.' As a former leading west-end choreographer he knows all about 'making dances' and we can promise our Theory Diploma holders a unique and exciting alternative to 'Sharing Dance with Others'. Both programmes lead to our school's Full International Diploma, accompanied by an equivalent Diploma from UNESCO CID plus membership. Both follow-on courses require about 6 months to complete. Full details of the new option will appear under Course Information early next month.


Adrian has identified that there are no less than 1.5 million children 'at risk' of abuse or neglect in the UK alone. We hope to encourage British Diploma holders to help strengthen Task Force 2014.


Our longer-term aim is to persuade Full International Diploma holders to apply the skills they have learned, on a steadily widening front. Some are already, in their own localities, setting up and running successful groups for children 'in difficult circumstances.' We would like these to develop into ongoing out-of-school dance clubs open to all children needing this 'helping hand.' Diploma holders are encouraged to enlist as many friends or colleagues as they wish, as 'helpers' or guest teachers. In line with UNESCO's aim to promote peace and harmony among nations through education, science and culture, we are proud to add that our future young club members have special permission to wear dance gear bearing the UNESCO CID logo.

Some are already providing a shining example of what the right kind of dedication can achieve. To name but a handful, 'Pinky' Maristela in the Philippines, Lavanya Selvaratnam in Malaysia, Robben Wainer in New York, Roksana Bahramitash in Iran, Valentinas Kulinic in Lithuania, Lilian Dekkers in The Netherlands and Julia Lavrova in Moscow are all doing pioneering work of tip-top quality, organising children's groups locally and changing young lives forever.

We are all looking forward to YOUR decision to enrol for our Foundation Course and get started!

With kind wishes.

Denise Puttock
Director of Studies
October, 2014

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